National Review: I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

The clowns over at Crooked Timber are starting a contest to "punk" the National Review with fake stories about run-ins with Democratic candidates. The impetus for this prank? In their words:

The National Review, one of America’s premiere journals of conservative opinion, has started publishing letters from anonymous readers who claim to have had unpleasant experiences with leading Democratic candidates. (Here’s one on Kerry and one on Clark.) If you possess an email address and an eye-opening story, you’ve passed the rigorous fact-checking that has made National Review and the Penthouse Forum world-famous.

How mean! Can you believe what he's saying about the Penthouse Forum? And anyways, the "if it's in an email, it must be true" test is the one we use. For instance, did you know you could add inches to your c0ck whil3 making money from y9ur own home khrxxt?

Punk the National Review [Crooked Timber]


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