NATO Murders Gaddafi's Son, Three Grandchildren
  • While America's useless young people were busy chanting brain-dead Neanderthal slogans in front of the White House on Sunday, angry mobs of uncivilized Africans attacked many of the Western embassies in Tripoli! Why would they do something so loathsome and disgusting? (Ha-ha, which "they" are we talking about, again?) Here is your "no fly zone," neoliberal freaks: "NATO bombed Gaddafi's family compound in an attack officials said killed the leader's second youngest son and three grandchildren, ages six months to two years." Wow, we showed those infants? In a different but equally "winning" maneuver, NATO decimated the Libyan Down's Syndrome Society, which "prepares children with Down's Syndrome up to the age of 6 to go to normal schools, giving them speech therapy, handicrafts and sports sessions and teaching them to read and write." And the Internet is outraged! In fact, Papa John's just announced on Twitter that they've "taken steps to make sure [their] advertising doesn't appear on NATO's website in the future." It's nice to know that people really care. [The Guardian/Reuters]
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad apparently had some sort of domestic dispute with Ayatollah Khamenei, and then boycotted his "official duties" for an entire week. Thankfully (?) the boycott ended yesterday. [The Independent]
  • Good Lord: "Flames shot up and a loud boom was heard on Monday as the U.S. government blew a hole in a Mississippi River flood levee in a bid to save several towns in Illinois and Kentucky from being inundated." [Reuters]


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