Navy Might Give Capt. Crozier His Job Back, Now That Trump's Tantrum Is Over

How about a little bitty snapshot of just the mindbending incompetence of Donald Trump and his administration and every single thing he touches?

Nope, that's not how that works.

In other news of general Trumpy incompetence and stupidity, Defense Secretary Mark Esper went on the TV this morning and said hey, what the hell, maybe they will rehire/reinstate that Captain Brett Crozier guy, who commanded the Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, until the (now former) (acting) Navy secretary Thomas Modly fired him for trying to protect his 4,000 sailors from getting sick and dying of COVID-19, in a way that was embarrassing to the Trump administration.

We guess now that the tantrum has passed, maybe that Crozier guy isn't so bad after all!

On "CBS This Morning," host Gayle King noted in an interview with Defense Secretary Esper that Navy leadership has said it's open to maybe giving that dude his job back, now that he's had a week to have coronavirus and sit in the corner and think about what he's done. Presumably she's referring to comments from the Navy's top officer Admiral Michael Gilday, who told the Associated Press that's a possibility. Gilday, it should be noted, has been quoted during this whole fiasco saying he did not want to "shoot the messenger."

Anyway, here is Esper, saying maybe they might rehire that guy, you never know, every day is just a new mystery, who can possibly say!

ESPER: My inclination is always to support the chain of command, and to take the recommendations seriously.

Is it OK to break chain of command, Gayle King asked, "if he thinks lives are at stake?" Esper said chain of command is "very important," but there are "extreme cases where going outside the chain of command makes sense." You know, like maybe when coronavirus is having an orgy on an aircraft carrier and everybody is getting sick and the president of the United States is a self-centered dumbass authoritiarian shitheel who doesn't care.

Esper said he wants to see "where this investigation takes us," by which he means the investigation they should have done in the first place, and maybe Crozier will get his job back, hooray! Esper added that the rest of the Navy is fine and there is no coronavirus on any of the boats and everything is just great, so we will assume, since he is a Trump official, that lots of other Navy boats have coronavirus and he's a fucking liar.

Everybody understands that Captain Brett Crozier, if he went outside the chain of command — allegedly, if he did in fact leak his literal "SOS!" letter himself, or facilitated the leaking — did it because he was the only one who gave a damn if the thousands of sailors in his keep lived or died. Throughout this saga, there have been many military officials who spoke to the news, using their names and also speaking anonymously, who expressed that they didn't think any action should be taken against Crozier without an investigation. Our point is that we have a pretty good idea what they're going to find out in that investigation!

But instead of doing the investigation and waiting to take action, (former) (acting) Secretary Modly just fired the guy and then flew all the way to Guam to get on that boat and tell those sailors their beloved captain, the one he had just fired, was stupid, and that they shouldn't love him.

We don't have some grand thing to say about this, it's just ... all these people are complete fucking clowns. All of them. There is not a good and competent one in the entire bunch.

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