Navy SEAL Sells C-4, Machine Guns To Mexicans


Ha ha, an elite amphibious Freedom Fighter was caught smuggling machine guns and explosives into the US, and then selling these weapons to Mexicans. Sorry man, you missed Iran Contra by like twenty years! Let's learn more about this would-be Oliver North:

"As long as they got paid ... they didn't care if the weapons wound up in Mexico or on the streets of Las Vegas," federal prosecutor Drew Smith told U.S. Magistrate Judge George Foley Jr. in Las Vegas.

Smith characterized Bickle, 33, as a "rogue Navy SEAL" — an active-duty special warfare operator 1st class who Smith said also worked as a consultant on the Hollywood movie "Transformers 3."

Bickle was arrested Wednesday and was due to appear Friday before a federal magistrate judge in San Diego.

Smith said outside court that federal agents expected to find weapons, but were surprised to find five pounds of C-4 plastic explosive, blasting cap detonators and other military items at Paul's home in Colorado.

What has happened to America? Reagan would have promoted this hero.


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