Nazi Pope Believes the Holocaust, Now That He's In Israel


The devil wears Prada.Monstrous wingnut Joseph Ratzinger somehow became pope a few years ago -- this is because of ancient Catholic-Sith rules dictating that each "good pope" must be followed by a "loathsome beast." But Ratzi is unique even among the Sith Popes, for he is the first Bishop of Rome to be an actual Nazi, for Hitler, in Nazi Germany. Jesus, talk about your breaking of historical barriers .... Obama's got nothing on this creep! Anyway, Ratzinger comically lived up to expectations by supporting actual Holocaust-denying fellow wingnut bishops, and now he's in Israel kissing ass, but luckily nobody believes his evil horseshit.

Every now and then, the curtain is pulled back a bit and we see that while all right-wing extremists are dangerous idiots who basically occupy the same thug/creep position in any troubled political system, there is an old-school division between, say, the European fascist Aryan-Nationalist types and the wingnut Israeli right. For example, the former tried to exterminate the latter. Irony!

So, the Israeli far right is doing everything it can to disrupt and destroy the visit of "Pope Benedict." A bigshot rabbi is urging everybody to avoid the old creep, because of the Sith Pope's personal antisemitic history and the Catholic Church's longtime policy of torturing and murdering Jews in the various Inquisitions and Crusades, along with Pope Pius' quiet support of Nazi atrocities against Jews. Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports that "Ultra-nationalist legislator Michael Ben-Ari called a meeting of the activists to plan ways of ruining the visit," which we hope involved classic knucklehead pranks such as letting a bunch of noisy goats loose in the reception, or hiring a blimp to circle the area with the flashing message "Ratzi is a fag."

Ben-Ari, who is no doubt one of the more terrible people in the entire Middle East, is nonetheless providing lots of material for Ratzinger haters everywhere:

Ynetnews reported Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari of the National Union party said the parliament should state its position on the Catholic spiritual leader, who he claimed "is an anti-Semite, was a member of the Hitler youth and returned a Holocaust-denying bishop to the church." He also said the pontiff continues to blame the Jewish people for the killing of Jesus.

Well duh! If that wasn't true, it wouldn't be in that Mel Gibson movie about the Mayans, now would it?

Anyway, Ratzi's now fouling up the various Holocaust memorials in Israel, which is sort of like Darth Vader visiting the Alderaan Memorial, the end.

The pope in the Middle East [Financial Times]


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