Nazi Site Recommends Removing Condoms During Sex In Order To Get White Women Pregnant

Earlier this month, two state lawmakers in California and Wisconsin introduced bills to treat "stealthing" -- the practice of secretly removing a condom during sex, without the consent or knowledge of the person you are having sex with -- as the crime it so clearly is.

In Wisconsin, Rep. Melissa Sargent introduced Bill LRB-3346, which would more clearly define the act as a crime of sexual assault. In California, Cristina Garcia introduced a bill that would treat tampering with a condom during sex in this way as a form of rape.

Now, one would assume that these laws would be something we could all get behind. Because, duh, if someone consents to sex with a condom, their consent to sex is conditional on that condom being there and protecting them from pregnancy or STIs. Remove the condom, remove the consent. As you may recall, this is the crime Julian Assange was accused of in Sweden.

But if you were to assume that, you would be wrong. Because people are horrible! Especially Nazi-type people who really, really love Donald Trump, who are not only horrible in the way that they are Nazis who love Donald Trump, but also in every other imaginable way.

Over on The Daily Stormer, contributer KKKomerad is very upset about this and believes it is a conspiracy on behalf of Jewish people and feminists to "make all Goyish sex rape" and also to prevent them from continuing the white race. For some reason they seem to believe that the laws will only apply to White Christians, despite the fact that this is definitely not mentioned in either piece of legislation. That reason would be the fact that they are batshit fucking crazy.

The k*kes know that anything leads to a healthy White baby is bad for the Judenreich and must be stopped ASAP – after all, that baby might grow up to be a brick layer, der Grenadier or a Daily Stormer reader.

So go ahead, dear reader, and stealth for the glory of the white race! Spill your seed into as many white thots as you desire.

Thots, of course, stands for "that ho over there." It is slightly ironic that a rabid white supremacist would adopt a term from African-American Vernacular English, but logic is not their strong suit over at The Daily Stormer.

So, yeah, he thinks it's part of some plot to make there be fewer white babies, and that this is a thing that Nazis should actually do in order to propagate the white race. At least where it is legal -- as noted in the first "Editor's note," which reads "Unless it’s a crime in your jurisdiction, of course… The Daily Stormer doesn’t endorse breaking the law – but we do endorse impregnating thots."

The second "Editor's Note" includes actual instructions for removing a condom so that one's partner doesn't notice.

Also this friendly tip!

Then, when she comes up pregnant, threaten to call her family members if she has an abortion. You can also threaten to post about it on the internet.

Again, only do this in jurisdictions where this is legal. So like, if you live in Wisconsin, take her on a romantic vacation to the UP of Michigan (it is a very romantic place, btw).

Nothing says romance like taking a woman on a lovely vacation for the purpose of impregnating her against her will and then threatening blackmail in order to force her to carry your baby.

I guess if there were any women out there who were somehow still on the "Should I fuck a Nazi?" fence, this should really be a clear sign that fucking a Nazi is a very, very bad idea.

[Daily Stormer Via We Hunted The Mammoth]

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