Things have really been going downhill for the "alt right" these days. For some reason, it seems like the hate-filled internet trolls who make up the movement can't even get along with each other. Weird!

Earlier this week, as David Futrelle of We Hunted The Mammoth reports, anti-Semitic troll Andrew Auernheimer -- better known as "weev" -- posted a diatribe on some kind of Nazi forum all about how all the other Nazis were UGH SO EMBARRASSING.

Like that Matt Parrot guy from the Traditionalist Worker Party who stood outside of his trailer watching Matthew Heimbach bang his wife, and then Heimbach beat him and the wife up and then they all went to Walmart to call the cops?

Also totes embarrassing? John Cameron Denton -- also known as Vincent Snyder or simply "Rape" -- the de facto leader of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization Atomwaffen Division -- due to the group's association with the "Satanic" nazi cult "Order of Nine Angles."

Sure! Why not!

But most of his venom was reserved for his former friend Christopher "Crying Nazi" Cantwell, because of how Cantwell has been talking to the fuzz as he awaits trial for having teargassed protesters at the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville.

And also for defending the Nazis that weev doesn't like? How they are better than the Nazis he does like, frankly, is beyond me. But apparently weev has certain standards he'd like his fellow Nazis to adhere to?

Cantwell, rather than denying this, admits to it. He explains that defending these people was the honorable thing to do?

As for me standing up for Parrott, I stood up for the TWP when Antifa attacked them. That was the ONLY honorable thing to do, and anyone who did otherwise is an enemy of our race! I have had nothing positive to say, about the leftist economics rattled off by Heimbach, and I certainly haven’t expressed support for the sexual degeneracy and disloyalty that went on in their homes.

Cantwell then explains that he is talking to the Feds so he can tell them all about how Antifa are the REAL criminals.

We are being instructed to behave like criminals by a Jew in a foreign country, after we were assaulted by terrorists in our own! There is ample evidence that the reds started and perpetuated the violence of Charlottesville, lied in court to frame me, and had the cooperation of local authorities in this criminal behavior. The feds are our only hope for lawful remedy, and I intend to cooperate fully with any effort to bring these criminals to justice.

And in a followup post, he explains that it shouldn't matter whether or not he talks to the Feds, because the alt-right is not criminal!

The key thing to understand here is this. We are not criminals. If the FBI searched every electronic device I have ever owned and pumped me full of top secret truth drugs and extracted every letter of knowledge I had about the Alt Right, I literally couldn’t give them a single fucking criminal. The libertarians are always panicking about this shit because of drugs. We’re not drug dealers. We’re not working with foreign governments. We didn’t come to our permitted demonstration intent on violence. All of the information and evidence that I have favors us, and condemns our enemies, and there is a significant amount of it.

Cantwell, again, is facing 40 years in prison. Auernheimer has previously been in prison for activities related to hacking, although his conviction was later vacated. At least five murders have been linked to Atomwaffen. The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified more than 100 people as having been killed or injured by the Alt-Right.

Out of the 372 murders linked to politically extremist organizations from 2007-2016, 75% were linked to radical right-wing organizations. Only 2% were linked to radical left-wing organizations.

As Futrelle points out, this slapfight is causing a split in the movement, with half on Team Crying Nazi and half on Team weev, and all of them being equally terrible. They can't quite seem to decide if talking to the feds is a good or bad thing, but they are sure that everyone on the opposite side of this squabble is secretly Jewish.

These people are sick, and they hate each other as much as they hate anyone else. The upside of all of this is that they are going to tear each other apart with no help from us.

[We Hunted The Mammoth]

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