Nazis So Scared Of Protests They're Gonna Hold Their Rallies IN SECRET Now!

When the Nazis marched in Charlottesville, they were met with protesters. And they killed one of them. When the "We totally swear we're not Nazis but also the Nazis have some good points about stuff" alt-righters tried to hold a rally in Boston, they were met with thousands and thousands of counter-protesters and ended up having to close up shop early.

Following this, ACT for America, the nation's largest "anti-Muslim" organization, canceled 67 "America First" rallies they had planned for this year, and replaced them with an online "Day of ACTion" on September 9, so no protesters can show up and be mean to them. Probably also so they don't lose their jobs and all their friends by showing their faces in public!

But another group has a different plan altogether that will allow them to do their dumb rallies without fear of being protested at!

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that at least one White Nationalist group is planning on doing "flash mob" type demonstrations to protest moving two of their precious Civil War participation trophies, preventing anti-Nazi groups from organizing in time to protest them.

Matthew Heimbach, chairman of a white nationalist group called the Traditionalist Worker Party, told the Herald-Leader last week that his group and others were planning a rally in Lexington to oppose the removal of statues in downtown Lexington. When asked this week whether he had picked a date for the event, though, Heimbach said it probably will be a “flash demo.”

He confirmed that that meant an event with no public announcement of the time or place.

“As long as we don’t block the street, we should be OK,” Heimbach said.

He said an alliance of several white nationalist groups called the Nationalist Front would carry out the demonstration.

Oh, that's cute. But alas, the Left is actually pretty darn good at figuring this shit out. Remember that time all those Roosh V meninists tried to have their little secret meet-ups across the country and we squashed that bug within a few days? Or the time 4chan tried to pull that #EndFathersDay thing where they tried to make it look like feminists were trying to end Father's Day so people would be all "Oh my gosh! These feminists are MAD WITH POWER"? Yeah, it took us maaaaybe an hour to squash that. Same with the #NotYourShield operation where they made up fake profiles of minorities and women who supported their take on GamerGate.

We are actually pretty good at this. If we can't find out about it beforehand, odds are, it's just gonna be like five lonely Nazis in someone's backyard.

That Traditionalist Worker's Party though! They are a piece of WORK. I checked out their page, which is naturally filled with lots of literal Nazi propaganda.

Ah yes, that should put people at ease. The Traditionalist Worker's Party is the political offshoot of the Traditionalist Youth Network, a white nationalist group that advocates for a number of completely insane things, from just your regular, racist "Waaah! We want a white ethno-state!" crap, to "Avalonian Identity" which Wikipedia describes as promoting "Arthurian culture, 'symphonic monarchism,' Eastern Orthodoxy and small dedicated groups of 'legionaries' of 'English-speaking White Americans who've returned to their pre-schismatic Christian roots.'" Whatever on earth that means, hopefully something involving them getting attacked by dragons.

This is, of course, a pretty good thing. These groups believed, with all their rotten little coal hearts, that the election of Donald Trump was going to be their big coming out party. That it was a signal that the Overton Window was moving to the Right and their views would soon become mainstream enough to have a place in public discourse. And yeah, to some degree they were correct! Certainly there are a lot more idiots embracing the tenets of National Socialism than there were before. But they're also learning that their views are still repugnant enough, to enough people, that no one is going to let them have their little Nazi parties in public without significant backlash from the public.

Enjoy your safe spaces while they last, Nazis! We're coming for them next! Unless they're looking to hold them in an underground bunker, in which case we'll be happy to leave them alone -- since we already know how that movie ends.

[Lexington Herald-Leader]

Robyn Pennacchia

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