Fraudy NC Election Pastor Man Sets Land-Speed Record Out Fire Door
Reporter Joe Bruno shows us the actual fire door, because local teevee news

Mark Harris, the Baptist preacher turned Republican politician who "won" the fraud-soaked election for the US Congress in North Carolina's Ninth District, was in such a hurry to get away from local reporters that he fled a county building last night through an emergency exit, triggering a fire alarm. The state elections board refused to certify the outcome of the November race after credible allegations emerged that a skeevy contractor working for the Harris campaign had manipulated absentee ballots to throw the election to Harris over Democrat Dan McCready.

Naturally enough, when Harris showed up at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center to address the Mecklenburg County Republicans last night, political reporters were keen to ask him how he was doing in his efforts to be accepted as the true winner -- just in case the answer had changed from NOT WELL. Instead, when journalism reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.

As WSOC-TV reporter Joe Bruno found, Harris was not at all eager to deal with the press:

An unidentified man tried to block reporters from using the fire escape to follow Harris. When questioned if he worked for the city, the man allowed reporters to pursue the politician.

Video of the dude actually shows him saying "yeah" in response to the question, even though he then obligingly allowed the reporters to follow Harris. But before the reporters could catch up with Harris, he was out the fire door, setting off an alarm. You know, dude, there's a sign warning you'll trigger the alarm and everything.

Still, it made for amusing video as the reporters shouted questions at the fleeing preacher:

Bruno reports that instead of holding up to talk to reporters, Harris made a beeline across the street for the parking lot of the First Baptist Church of Charlotte, where he used to be pastor. Then he dove into a car that took off with alacrity, and also with a chickenshit politician inside.

Harris later tweeted a very believable explanation: He, uh, had to duck out an emergency exit and set off an alarm because he was in a great big hurry to watch some F'ball!

Sorry I missed you guys tonight. I had to get to the kickoff of the #NationalChampionship game. We'll have plenty to talk about in the days ahead.#GoTigers

Now there's a man who's ready to be named to Congress, because he is dedicated to watching sportsball and always telling the honest truth. If not Congress, maybe the White House Press Office.

North Carolina Democratic Party chair Wayne Goodman noted that, as a former state fire marshall, he has a pretty low opinion of someone who'd misuse an emergency exit. Even if it was a very serious football/avoiding reporters emergency:

Then again, considering that the "president" of the United States is considering declaring a "national emergency" so he can have a legally dubious excuse to shift military money to building WALL, it makes all kinds of sense that a fellow Republican might have a very expansive understanding of what constitutes the proper use of an "emergency" exit.


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