Thanks to protests by easily-outraged parents, a teacher and an assistant principal at an elementary school in Efland, North Carolina, have resigned after the teacher read third-graders a perfectly innocuous book about a gay prince who finds love. The teacher, Omar Currie, read the story to his class after overhearing students taunting a boy in his class, calling him "gay" and saying he was acting like a girl. He'd borrowed the book from Assistant Principal Meg Goodhand, so she had to go, too -- far too much gay propaganda thrown at innocent children who were simply exercising their constitutional right to bully a little homo.

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All this happened at "Efland-Cheeks Elementary School," a name we swear we are not making up.

The terrifying gay-indoctrination book, King & King, by Linda de Haan, is the story of a young prince whose parents insist he marry, but none of the princesses catch his eye until one shows up with her cute brother in tow. It's love at first sight, and the two princes get married and live happily ever after, or at least until Christopher Nolan gets the movie rights and does a darker, grittier reboot of the story.

Currie had said that he would resign because he didn't feel that school administrators supported him. While Goodfield and Principal Kiley Brown agreed that the book was age-appropriate and promoted diversity, Currie says he was also given two new rules for his classes:

  • Teachers must give parents a list of all the books they plan to read in class. Currie estimated that during a 180-day school year, he may read 500 books.
  • Teachers must fill out a form for each bullying incident.

Nothing like having to submit every single bit of curricular material to parents for review -- that should keep teachers in line, and reading limited to safe, insubstantial fluff.

The Charlotte Observer notes that some members of the community got really, really into protesting the filthy bad homobook:

A parent who does not have a child in Currie’s class came to the school to protest the book – and Currie – last Friday. Three sheriff’s deputies were present as a precaution, Sheriff Charles Blackwood said. The man exited the school but carried a protest sign along a nearby road.

Currie said administrators pulled him out of his classroom to tell him about the man. A short time later, he said, officials told him and another teacher who had taken their students outside for recess to come back indoors.

“Here I am with my children and we’re running back into the building,” Currie said. “That moment was very scary for me.”

And now Currie and Goodhand are out, justly removed from working with Efland's children after their utterly unspeakable act of kindness to a bullied child. Oh, and it's also worth noting, maybe, that after Currie read the book to his class, the bullying stopped, and even more worrisome, the bullied kid LIKED THE BOOK:

“I think he probably felt reassurred (sic) for the first time that he was okay just the way he was,” the [school's literacy] specialist wrote in an email to Currie.

So it's pretty obvious that Currie was recruiting children to the Gay Agenda, when as all good Christian parents know, their sons must have the freedom to bully effeminate boys to straighten them out.

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Still, there is at least this silver lining:

Currie said he has had five job interviews, including for positions in the Durham Public Schools, and that all have been positive. “It’s nice to be told by administrators that my actions were correct,” he said.

Sounds to us like Efland has lost a hell of a teacher, and one of five lucky districts is about to gain one.

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