All hail the conquering heroThe enfeebled Mexican liberal John McCain might be the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, but that didn't stop about 25 percent of the Republican voters in recent primaries from casting their ballots for such worthies as Alan Keyes, Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, and "Undecided." So how will the candidate who is barely tolerated by most of his voters and enthusiastically loathed by a significant few hope to do in the fall?

He will romp to victory, of course!

"The day we got 1,191 [delegates] was the day I stopped thinking about Mike Huckabee and started thinking about kicking Barack Obama's ass," said a McCain aide, discussing the matter only on background.

Of course, while McCain and Obama (OR CLINTON DO NOT FORGET ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON SHE IS STILL IN IT PEOPLE, AND SHE'S IN IT TO WIN) duke it out center stage, Ron Paul will sneak in and steal the whole deal and we will all be deported to the Freedom Gulags lags in Paultardia, so none of this matters anyway.

GOP voters still dissing John McCain [Politico]


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