Ned Lamont Will Lose Connecticut Gov Race Next

Liberal warblog celebrity Ned Lamont was last in the news back in 2008, when he sat down for a lengthy interview ("Hey are you Ned Lamont?") with Wonkette's Jim Newell aboard a shuttle bus in Denver, can't remember the occasion. And before that, Lamont was a pin-up for the Daily Kos webzine, and then poor Ned proved he could not even beat Joe Lieberman, the world's most hated sack of medical waste. So what will Ned do now, many years after people quit asking?

His "2010 Exploratory" website is not open to the public -- we tried every variation of "Lieberman" and "shit dildo wriggling around" at the user/password prompt -- but reports from the liberal media say that today, possibly this morning, Ned Lamont will announce that he's running for governor of Connecticut, which is the same state that keeps electing Lieberman as its senator.

Republican Gov. Jodi Rell isn't running for re-election, and Lieberman hasn't yet announced that he's running as an "independent," so who knows, and ultimately, who cares? [Hartford Courant]


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