Neighbor Cuts Down Man's Tree, Man Bankrupts Him. Tabs, Thurs., April 1, 2021

Neighbor Cuts Down Man's Tree, Man Bankrupts Him. Tabs, Thurs., April 1, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Joe Biden is nominating some awesome judges of happiness! Here's one, civil rights attorney Margaret Strickland! — Daily Advance

Biden's Transgender Day of Visibility proclamation for yesterday! (Washington Blade)

Excruciating overcrowding for kids and families at the border. — AP

Pfizer has one million percent success rate in teens. It will probably be another year though before we've got a vaccine for the littlest kids. (Politico)

Well, either I will read the 45-page superseding indictment of Rep. Matt Gaetz's terrible buddy Joel Greenberg, or I will keep the tab open for two weeks and NOT do that! (Indictment)

Amanda Marcotte loved Gaetz trying to blackmail Tucker Carlson so much she can't even stand it. — Salon

But if you can figure out what EVEN the fuck with this David McGee lawyer, and the convicted felon he's been enmeshed with for decades, and a ... maybe scam? felon client guy does lots of those! about getting Gaetz to pony up $25 million to get a presumed dead guy out of Iran? Then please explain it to me, just as soon as I've swept my essploded brains back into this bowl! (Daily Beast what the fuck)

Wisconsin Wyoming says no thank you to expanded Medicaid again some more. Because you wouldn't want people's lives to improve under a Democrat president. (Casper Star-Tribune) Also Missouri, even though Missouri voters specifically voted for it haha shruggy emoticon hahaha. (ACA Signups)

INFRASTRUCTURE WEEK! But for real. — Fact sheet

Well, yes!

Long before Mark walked in the door of their Chicago home one day last year carrying a machete, Elena knew that their 20-year marriage was coming to an end, thanks to QAnon.


And here's a longread on the extremists of Orange County, California, my old hunting grounds. It's upsetting! (LA Times)

If you're already subscribed to the LA Times, or have lots of stories left, might as well live it up and see this 1994 origin story about one of the stars of that last tab, Morton Irvine Smith. — LAT

Anne Helen Petersen's Index. (Anne Helen substack)

You can request a "greeting" from Donald Trump at his perfect url "," but I'm not buying it. There's nowhere to input your credit card info.


Every one of these cinderblock creations is just waiting to topple over onto your toe. (DocJournal)

We already did these mocktails, didn't we? Well DO EM AGAIN, they're too beautiful. (As always at Food and Wine, you can scroll down to see the whole list instead of clicking an endless slideshow.)

Top Chef starts tonight! I will watch all the television. Then, I will eat all the food. (Top Chef)

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