Neighbors Who Made The Neighborhood A Strange Place To Live! Tabs, Wed., March 3, 2021

Neighbors Who Made The Neighborhood A Strange Place To Live! Tabs, Wed., March 3, 2021
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Say, anybody know if it was a druggy stupor den of sexual aggression and assault and screaming lunatic outbursts while Dr. Congressman Ronny Jackson was providing all that topnotch medical care to the very well and stable president? (Also, Forever President Obama should have fired him too, shit was ongoing.) (CNN)

Is the economy too awesome and everyone has too much money for another relief bill? You will be surprised to learn that NO! The economy is not too awesome, and everyone does not have too much money! Also, while it's a bummer that Biden isn't willing to just burn down the Senate parliamentarian, that doesn't mean the Fight for $15 is over now, even if it would make the usual suspects happy to be mad. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

President Joe Biden is withdrawing Neera Tanden's nomination to head the OMB. Also Joe Manchin's daughter should be in jail. (Politico)

Republican lawyers argued before the Supreme Court in Brnovich v DNC that they are trying to get Democratic votes thrown out because they are votes for Democrats. If Amy Coney Barrett was looking for a softball question for her team, she got it! (NBC News) That guy was not helpful to his case, says Ian Millhiser at Vox!

"Publication of private facts" may have been (and I believe was!) an appropriate cause of action when Gawker posted Hulk Hogan's ass pumping his buddy's wife (though of course it shouldn't have been a publication-ending one), but it is an interesting tort when the "private fact" is "I'm threatening you, a person I have never met."

“I waffled on whether to share this publicly but in the end, I felt compelled to because this letter is just too fucking hilarious. You can almost hear the attorney frothing at the mouth as he typed out this Mike Lindell fan fiction. (My fave parts are highlighted)"

I have not read the 42-page disciplinary report for said lawyer, Daniel R. Warner, but you know I'm gonna. (AZ Courts)

"Famous bully" Andrew Cuomo's uppance hath come. — Helaine Olen in Washington Post

East Coast Charles Manson? I mean, Cuomo's a dick, but that's going a bit overboard. Oh, it's someone else entirely, well *click* anyway! (Rolling Stone)

ACLU's got today's nightmare fuel: Robot Police Dogs.

The mutual aid groups having to fill Texas's gaping, starving maw. (Grist)

For fuck's sake, Mr. Potato Head wasn't even canceled.Vox

Let's all paint our kitchen cabinets navy blue! (Big Chill)

Shyyyy! I WANT a blueberry DUTCH BABY! — Food and Wine

But I will accept any of these mocktails. (Food and Wine)

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