Neo-Con Bilderbergers Try, Fail To Kill Ron Paul


A bunch of congressmen from Texas were flying to D.C. so they could vote on some Texas thing, and then OMG the Continental jet had a slight loss of cabin pressure so it made an unscheduled landing in New Orleans, and the the congressmen got on another plane to Washington. In other words, NEW WORLD ORDER ALMOST KILT DR. RON PAUL!

First, we wanted to make sure Doktor Paul was okay. Phew, he's fine! Then we rushed over to RonPaulForums to make sure everybody else was freaking out:

  • They tried to kill Ron Paul! His plane just had to make an emergency landing in New Orleans! Ahhh he survived!
  • cab depressurized. sudden loss of altitude. (mask fall down) effect - cause?
  • Paul, take amtrack from NOLA. it may be safer. Or greyhound even.
  • Lol... Plane crashes are the only way to totally wipe someone's hands clean of an "assassination" attempt... They said the cabin lost pressure... How often does that happen?
  • Ever heard the story about how and where jim groce died? I wouldn't board my next flight out of louisiana. People are poor here and can be bought off easily. there are a lot of parts on a plane... anything can go wrong.
  • I hope this make RP even more determined.
  • I think you mean Jim Croce.
  • I love this guy. Ron Paul is the only hero I've ever known. Fuck spiderman!
  • Hell, I'll go pick him up and give him a personal escort to D.C. if he'll cover the gas.
  • There were 7 members of Congress on board, that's about 25% of Texas congressional districts, there were Neocons on board, and Liberals, and coincidentally Ron Paul. This is why we lost cause people always want to bring conspiracy's. I bet you think we lost the nomination to Vote Fraud.
  • Just saying, just because the plane didn't blow up, didn't mean someone didn't do it. But it doesn't mean the converse either. We don't know what happened, when only suppose what happened.
  • Ron Paul simply isn't worth killing, at least not any more. Kucinich is a more likely target, methinks.
  • Can't just whack the good Doctor, it would or could trigger the one thing "they" fear the most.........thousands of angry americans getting off their asses and visiting wa with torches and pitch forks. That would definitely dampen all their plans. A couple of similar incidents before the big one would make it even more believable and safe. I suggest it was ........... A WARNING!
  • I bet it was the NWO trying to kill Ron Paul...
  • "Poe told 11 News the flight was about an hour late leaving Houston because of mechanical difficulties with an engine. He said things went downhill from there not long after taking off from Bush Intercontinental Airport"

    1) I wonder how engine problems could be connected to a loss of pressure?

    2) And, who knows? Maybe there was a little Supernatural intervention.

    Not every plan by "the powers that be" succeeds. Sometimes they try to kill people and it's just not allowed to happen.

  • The establishment, if they stay in power for much longer, won't allow Dr. Paul to live much longer... he will be a martyr just like MLK Jr. and JFK Jr. except even a bigger martyr because the way so many people truly care about him and the abundance of the internet...
  • He is unstoppable. Even the NWO cannot stop him.
  • Off topic? Did ya know McCain himself is expected to be in NewOrleans tomorrow? Big announcement? Hmmmmmm.
  • I'm sorry I don't believe 2 planes made the twin towers collapse at nearly free fall speed onto themselves. I'm sorry I don't believe that WTC fell at free fall speed into itself from a minor fire. Will the Ron Paul people quit bashing me now for fear of making the movement a bunch of "conspiracy theorists?" Stop caring about what other people think and start asking real questions. And there is absolutely no evidence that this plane was being sabotaged. But it doesn't make the scenario impossible either. Have an open mind and an open heart. Always.

And then, a million comments about JFK being a socialist and steel doesn't melt and holographic neo-con blimps blew up New York ... or did they???


Flight with 7 congressmen makes emergency landing [Google/AP]


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