Neo-Confederate Group Invites Members To Big Party, Include It In Their Wills

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Neo-Confederate Group Invites Members To Big Party, Include It In Their Wills
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Has anyone noticed lately that all of the idiots going around trying to hold church services and "coronaparties" and conventions and trying to downplay the seriousness of COVID-19 just so happen to be idiots of the rightwing variety? It's as if they all have a death wish and collectively decided that mass shootings, lack of health care, and destroying the planet weren't going to kill us all off fast enough, and see this new plague as an opportunity to git 'er done.

Keeping with this, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that Michael Hill, the founder and president of the Alabama-based neo-Confederate white nationalist group League of the South, has announced on the group's website that he will be holding a convention for members in June, coronavirus or no coronavirus.

At present, we are doing more than simply "monitoring" the situation. We are actively making plans and raising funds to help our members who are in financial straits, and we are moving ahead with our plans for upcoming events, including our 2020 national conference in late June. [...]

As others continue to panic and lose their heads in these unusual and difficult times, we ask our League of the South members to remain calm, use common sense, and go about your lives as normally as possible. Do not give in to fear or wild "conspiracy theories." Do, however, pay attention and learn from your observations, especially about events and occurrences in your own Area of Operations.

Concurrently, and by sheer coincidence we are sure, Hill has also been posting a whole lot on the group's VK page (VK is a Russian social media platform that a lot of far-right groups have flocked to in order to continue being super racist with impunity) about how members should include the League of the South in their wills.

If you want to support The League of the South long-term in the fight against our Marxist enemy, please consider putting us in your will. And if you don't have a will yet (and everyone should, regardless of age), then our attorneys will help you draw one up free of charge. Just let us know your plans and needs. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Step 1: Invite a bunch of your racist buddies to a convention in the middle of a pandemic
Step 2: Ask said racist buddies to include your creepy racist group in their wills
Step 3: PROFIT!

It is not exactly shocking that a group of people who still think they've got a real shot at winning the Civil War also think that it's fine to get together in a large group in order to discuss their sad Gone With the Wind fantasies during a freaking pandemic. Clearly, they're not all that swift to begin with. But quite frankly, I don't think any of us would care what they do if putting themselves at risk did not put us all at risk.

So here's what I think. I say we should let them have their convention, so long as they do it on that Yellow Fever island that Henry Fonda had to go to at the end of Jezebel, and with the caveat that they then have to stay there. In fact, I think we ought to let them "secede" from the US on said island for the duration of this pandemic, as long as they just stay put and don't bother any of us. Everyone wins!

[Southern Poverty Law Center]

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