Neo-Nazi's Family Saves Lives By Telling Cops About His Stash Of Illegal Weapons

You know how whenever one of these horrible mass shootings happens, and we find out about the shooter, you think to yourself, "Where the hell was the family here? No one who knew this person thought to call the police or put them in an institution or take their guns away?" Well, finally, one family did call the police on their gun-hoarding, neo-Nazi, mass-murderer-idolizing relative -- and they may have prevented another mass shooting by doing so.

On Tuesday afternoon, Washington D.C. police arrested 30-year-old neo-Nazi Jeffrey R. Clark Jr. on federal charges of illegally possessing a firearm while using or addicted to an illegal substance (spoiler: the illegal substance was meth), and on local charges of possessing a high-speed magazine. The police were called in by members of Clark's family who were starting to get freaked out by his many anti-Semitic outbursts about how the 11 people who died in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting "deserved it," and his description of the massacre as a "dry run for things to come," combined with the fact that he owned a whole lotta weapons.

Jeffrey Clark and Teddy Clark at a Richard Spencer rally. Meth is bad, you guys. YouTube

When law enforcement arrived, they discovered multiple guns both legally and illegally owned, kits to turn semi-automatic rifles into automatic rifles, and various products related to smoking meth.

As it turns out, both Jeffrey Clark and his brother Edward William "Teddy" Clark had previously interacted with Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh shooter, on Gab, and FBI documents show they may have been planning a similar attack for the same day. However, after the news hit of the Pittsburgh shooting and it became clear that the FBI was going to be taking a hard look at Bowers's activity on Gab, Teddy Clark committed suicide with one of their many guns. Family members told police that Jeffrey Clark had ramped up his rabid anti-Semitism after his brother's death.

According to relatives, the Clark brothers "believed there would be a race revolution and they wanted to expedite it." They also idolized Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, and Charles Manson, which -- for those of you playing at home -- is usually a good sign that someone might think mass murder is a great idea. People who don't want to commit mass murder rarely see these people as heroes.

The brothers had a history of harassing and threatening people online, including Jeffrey Clark's threat to throw a Huffington Post reporter "feet first into a woodchipper." Though police were contacted, they said they couldn't do anything at the time, which is ... typical.

Both of the Clark brothers were actively involved in neo-Nazi and other far right bullshit on and offline. They attended the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally, Teddy was photographed with the murderer James Alex Fields, and they even briefly worked for noted Pizzagate idiot Jack Posobiec helping him film as yet unaired "documentary" for RebelMedia about how Seth Rich was murdered (Seth Rich was not murdered).

Via Huffington Post:

Laura Sennett, an anti-fascist researcher who works with One People's Project, spoke with Jeffrey Clark a few weeks after he and his brother were spotted in Bloomingdale with Posobiec, who by then had been fired from Rebel under mysterious circumstances after plagiarizing Jason Kessler, the white nationalist who organized the Unite the Right rally.

"[Clark] told me that Jack Posobiec hired him and his brother to follow him with a camera to take video of his investigation of Seth Rich," Sennett told HuffPost. "Not sure if it was a documentary or a news story, but [Posobiec] was doing some kind of reporting for Rebel Media. I asked him if Posobiec was aware of his Nazi beliefs. He told me that Posobiec absolutely was and had told Jeff that he was sympathetic to those beliefs."

Posobiec told Huffington Post he had never even heard of these people, and was never filming such a documentary.

(NARRATOR: There was photographic evidence.)

On Gab, the social network for people who love free speech Nazis, Teddy Clark posted as "DC Stormer," and Jeffrey Clark posted as "DC Bowl Gang" (link to archive) -- a reference to the bowl cut sported by Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof. Jeffrey Clark's profile description reads:

Aka DC Stormer (RIP) • Meth-smoking, pipebomb-making, mailman-murdering,#Fed#DemoKKKrat • "Che Guevara of the altright" - Glenn Beck • Not a NEET - just bathing in White privilege • Bowlcut Nationalism is the only way forward.

Jeffrey Clark also posted on Twitter as DC Bowl Patrol.

The fact that Jeffrey Clark is in jail now is proof that things don't have to happen the way they have been happening. If police take threats seriously, if law enforcement in general takes right-wing extremism seriously, if family members are willing to step up and say, "Hey, this person is dangerous, sitting around talking about a race war and how much they love Charles Manson, and they have a lot of illegal guns," lives can actually be saved.

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