Nerd Hero Ron Paul Rockin' da Interwebz

'If you see a snake, just kill it - don't appoint a committee on snakes.' - WonketteInternet dweebs just love Texas libertarian Ron Paul, who is secretly running for the GOP presidential nomination. Did you know he is the most-searched-for thing on Technorati, a site about blogs? Or that nerds often post things about him on Digg or whatever?

We like Ron Paul, too, because he would eliminate Washington and then we could quit doing this crap. We probably gave him one of the coveted Wonkette presidential endorsements, too, but Internet buzz rarely translates into anything in real life, as the nation learned from the tragic failures of Ned Lamont and Snakes On a Plane.

Ron Paul's Online Rise [US News]

Ron Paul Rules The Intertubes [Reason]


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