Nevada Prefers The Mere Idea Of Not-Harry Reid To Harry Reid


  • The Internet, as personified by a Utah State Rep., briefly suggested that Jon Huntsman's ambassadorship means that Huntsman will be in a prime position from which to convert all of China to Mormonism, and probably Republicanism! [Ben Smith]
  • With 18 months til the election, Harry Reid is losing to Another Candidate, the GOP's fiery young upstart and the Party's next great hope after Bobby Jindal. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • While President Bush has already made a new friend at his new school in Texas, a young man of fourteen with whom he hung out with for an hour and a half, it still sucks his family had to move now, because it's so close to junior prom and so who doesn't have a date at this point. Losers, that's who. [Top of the Ticket]
  • Bush and Co.'s secret emails won't be released, but hey, recall the parable of the "hacker" who "hacked" Sarah Palin's Yahoo account by guessing her password was "ilovetodd" or whatever. [HuffPost]

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