Nevada Rep. Michele Fiore Has Girl Parts On Her Nakedness Area, And So Should You!


Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore is always reliable when you want a, shall we say, UNIQUE take on the events of the day. Like, remember that time she figured out how to end sex trafficking for all of time, by getting all the local pimps fixed? Well, she's got balls on the brain again, specifically the transgender kind, because she's real worried she's going to go into the locker room at the gym someday and come face to face with a transgender lady what still has male parts, and she will have to look at a penis, and the penis-haver will have to look at her vagina, and there they will stand, staring at each others' genitals, having completely forgotten to take a shower.

She explained this on her radio show this past weekend (she has a radio show!), to her cohost Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boys lead singer, silly). has the transcript:

Fiore: "I was raised by my best friend in the whole wide world is my mom and she is a lesbian. But I will say with the bathroom issue is as a heterosexual female I want to be in the bathroom, I want to be in the shower with other girls and if you are transgender and you have a penis… I don’t feel like looking at your penis! Nor do I want you looking at my Va Jay Jay. So I don’t care if you want to have a Va Jay Jay, until you have a Va Jay Jay stay out of my nakedness area! That’s it."

Jones: "Okay well you’re a little bit more abrupt than I am. But I just think the children themselves[chuckles] should have the security that they know… Particularly when they are developing..."

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This was apparently in response to the failure of one of those "let's hate the transgenders" bills that are so popular with the wingnut kids these days.

So, we have questions for Michele Fiore, and these are the questions:

1. Is Michele Fiore plagiarizing yr Wonkette? Because "stay out of my nakedness area!" is something we're pretty sure we might have typed, because that is the way WE talk, as a way of making fun of all these dumb prudes. Regardless, we are stealing it, and thank you!

2. Does Michele Fiore go into the stall with all the ladies in public bathrooms and locker rooms and show them her "va jay jay?" Like, does she point at it and say, "This is my nakedness area, and I am glad your nakedness area looks similar to mine! Now, having verified that, I will get about the business of taking a shit, for I am Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore!"

3. Can your lesbian mom maybe explain why you are A Idiot, or maybe what happened in your childhood that brokeded your brain so bad? Because this is nowhere near the dumbest thing Fiore has ever said. As we mentioned above, she's got the Have Your Pimps Spayed And Neutered plan for sex trafficking, but she also thinks the state of Nevada has the right to kick the federal government off its land, oh, and also, too, that you can flush cancer out of your NAKEDNESS AREA with baking soda, even, we presume, if it is on your VA JAY JAY.

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So please, Michele Fiore's lesbian mommy, please tell us what yr Wonkette can do to help your daughter navigate this big scary world. Maybe a GoFundMe for a helmet, to begin with? Please advise.

[Michele Fiore on the (!) radio / Ralston Reports]

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