Nevada Wingnut Militia Grifter Michele Fiore Now A Judge, F*ck It, Why Not
Judge Michele Fiore, from her crazy calendar a few years back, when she was in the Nevada Lege

Michele Fiore, the former Nevada state assemblywoman and Las Vegas city councilwoman who despite being a pioneer of the Christmas Gun Greetings genre and an early adopter of full transgender panic never quite became the national GOP star she so clearly wanted to be — at least, not yet — lost another statewide campaign in November, this time for state treasurer. Yr Wonkette would like to apologize for having missed that campaign. It must have been a doozy, what with her colorful history of huge IRS tax liens (her ex-husband's fault, she said) and her failed home-health business, which had its license revoked after she refused to show state regulators her financial records during an investigation of alleged Medicaid fraud.

Other career highlights include the time she actually did some good for once and talked down some of the last Bundy Militia Loons at the 2016 Oregon wildlife sanctuary standoff. Despite that feather in her cap, she didn't win the congressional race she was running at the time. That may have something to do with the TV interview where she said it was fine to shoot federal officers, but only if they were doing tyranny to you.


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In conclusion, what a nut! Oh, wait, she's actually in the news again:

Fiore quickly rebounded from her latest electoral disappointment by getting herself appointed a judge last week, although she lacks any real qualifications like a law degree or what most normal humans might consider a moral sense. But she's very good at far-right morality, what with all the support for insurrectionists and domestic terrorists like the Bundy family, so that should be plenty good enough. As the Associated Press reports, she'll be serving on the Pahrump Justice Court in Nye County through 2024. Pahrump is about 65 miles west of Las Vegas, and mostly famous for 10- to 12-year old kids saying its second syllable really loud.

The AP offers this some-holds-barred summary of the most recent parts of Fiore's ... err ... colorful career:

Her appointment to the bench over 17 other applicants marks the latest chapter in a decade-long political career marked by scandal – including reports of an FBI probe into her campaign finances and accusations of physical assault.

In a pitch to Nye County commissioners Tuesday night, Fiore said she would approach the judgeship with “integrity and honesty” because she has “been at the end of the political barrel.”

FBI agents subpoenaed records and searched Fiore’s home last year in northwest Las Vegas in connection with her campaign spending, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Earlier this year, she was sued by Las Vegas Councilwoman Victoria Seaman, who accused Fiore of breaking her finger in a physical fight at City Hall in January. The two were once good friends and close political allies.

The story also notes her longtime fandom of the Bundys' Nevada and Oregon standoffs, her tax troubles, and the fact that she entered the treasurer's race in March, on the last possible day to file, "after campaigning for months as a Republican gubernatorial hopeful." She's a free spirit that way.

Her ascent to the bench is just one more of those trademark moments of spontaneity, it seems, since she only moved to Pahrump in November, after losing the treasurer's race to incumbent Democrat Zach Conine. Pretty inspiring that in America, anyone can move to a new town and become a judge, at least after they've been in every corner of rightwing media for over a decade.

After winning unanimous support of the Nye County commissioners last week, Fiore said she's

ready to start a new life as “a Pahrump girl.” She detailed plans of living on a 2-acre lot that she said she had purchased over the summer, as well as completing a bachelor’s degree and taking the Nevada State Bar exam in the future.

We wish Judge Fiore the best of luck in all her future endeavors, and may most of her cases involve sovereign citizens who demand she prove that the Constitution gives her any authority over them. Maybe she'll demand that her own courtroom's flag have no gold fringe on it.

It's your OPEN THREAD. Please try not to be sexist pigs just because Fiore's a jerk, you.


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