Nevada Wingnut Rep. Michele Fiore Stoled All The Money From Medicaid, Maybe

Our new favorite One-L Michele in politics, Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, is one tough opponent of Big Government. She's against wasteful government entitlements like Medicaid and voted against expanding it in Nevada, of course. On the other hand, she's also an entrepreneur who runs a couple of home healthcare businesses, "Always There 4 You" and "Always There Personal Care," which have received roughly $6 million in Medicaid funding over the past five years, which is not Big Government at all, but rather, the fruits of her own hard work. And just to prove that she opposes the heavy hand of government regulation, Fiore is now facing the possible loss of her operating license because she refuses to let state inspectors review her records. Not to mention a whole bunch of IRS liens filed against her for refusing to pass on her employees' withheld pay to the taxman. And yes, of course she's the victim here.

Fiore, you'll recall, is the legislative genius who bafflegabbed Chris Hayes into stunned incredulity during the Bundy Ranch idiotfest; explained that cancer is a fungus that can be flushed out of the bloodstream with baking soda; advocated concealed guns on college campuses so "these young, hot little girls" can blow away all the potential rapists; and is so very impressed by the progress that the "colored" people have made, that she's pretty sure discrimination is no longer a thing: “We’re in 2015 and we have a black president, in case anyone didn’t notice.” And now she's at war with state healthcare inspectors and could lose her operating license.

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Nevada journalist Jon Ralston, an expert on the state's bizarre political landscape, reports:

During the last few weeks, state health inspectors have conducted unannounced visits, as prescribed by regulations, to look at Fiore's records of her home health care businesses. The first time, I'm told, her mother, who helps her run the business, refused to allow the inspectors to do their job. The second time, Fiore rebuffed the inspectors and, according to a knowledgeable source, threatened to pass legislation to prevent them from coming back.

I've also learned that a meeting is scheduled for later this week, a so-called conciliation process that essentially gives Fiore one more chance to comply. If she does not, the state will likely move to suspend or revoke her license.

Just to add to the fun, while collecting all that Medicaid money and getting into trouble for tax problems, Fiore voted against Medicaid expansion, because the poors haven't earned healthcare, and is also -- of course -- chair of the Nevada Assembly's taxation committee.

Astonishingly, the usually voluble Fiore refused to talk to Ralston about either situation, although she did turn over an earlier IRS lien against her for failure to pay personal income tax into a talking point in her failed 2010 run for Congress, insisting, "My case is a perfect example of an over-reaching government using its power and bureaucracy to intimidate its citizens." Darn those federal monsters who enforce federal law when all she did was break it a little.

Mind you, just because she's turning away and threatening inspectors -- and is apparently willing to lose her licensure over it -- doesn't mean there's anything funny about her Medicaid accounting. Could be she's just making a principled stand against government intrusion into the private affairs of an entrepreneur, because something something Liberty Freedom America Government Overreach Second Amendment.

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