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Be of good cheer, O Ye Wonkers, for behold, we bring you tidings of great joy! Sharron Angle, the Nevada loon who somehow lost her Senate bid against Harry Reid in 2010, even though she said that "second amendment remedies" might be necessary to save America, is exploring a fresh run for the U.S. Senate seat that Harry Reid is retiring from, according to veteran Nevada political reporter and journalism demigod Jon Ralston.

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Recently, a couple far-right members of the Nevada Legislature -- Assemblyman Brent Jones and state Sen. Don Gustavson -- sent out a letter urging donations to convince Angle to "Run Sharron Run!" When it was eventually posted to the web, it sported a postscript from Angle herself that made clear she was willing, if The People called, to once again entertain us all with her special mix of hard-right politics, fundamentalist religion, and batshit lunacy:

We can do this. I support Don and Brent sending this letter to you asking for your support to run for U.S. Senate. Many of you have asked if I’m going to run in 2016, when in reality, you have the answer to this question. YOU are the one who will decide the future of our country. Your financial support for this effort will make the decision much, much easier. I’m praying for your continued support so we stop the radical transformation that is happening to our country today.

In addition to repeating Angle's supposedly inspiring battle cry, "Man up, Harry Reid" -- a strange imperative if she wanted people to vote for her -- the letter ominously repeats Angle's dubious claim that she was cheated out of office by Reid-directed voter fraud:

There are still questions surrounding the 2010 election, which is why Voter ID is such an important issue today. Harry Reid and his special interest backers will do whatever it takes to prop up the partisan Democrat that is his handpicked successor.

As Ralston notes, that would have required rather a lot of voter fraud; Reid "won by 40,000 votes and almost 6 points." But hey, it could have happened! That's what makes it fraud -- no one can tell!

If she runs, Angle would first have to win a primary against Rep. Joe Heck, who was elected to Congress in the anti-Obama wave of 2010 and feels it's his turn to upgrade to the Senate. Heck, you may recall, is the gent whose 16-year-old son embarrassed him last year by Tweeting out a lot of racist and homophobic slurs just in time for Father's Day. Needless to say, Heck was shocked that his son could be so awful, and sat him right down and explained that you don't ever say those things where people can hear them.

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Ralston reports that Angle's almost certainly going to claim Heck isn't a real conservative, and that if she can tap into the national ultraconservative money spigot again, she might actually make Heck "spend a lot before she loses."

We are encouraged by this news. Let's take a moment to review some of Angle's greatest moments:

  • She told televangelist Rick Wiles that Obamacare violates the first Commandment, because dependence on government is a kind of "idolatry" that replaces worship of God.
  • She fretted that Harry Reid was wasting tax dollars giving cocaine to monkeys, who were probably on food stamps, too.
  • She's great at multiculturalism, like that time she told a group of Hispanic high school students they didn't quite look right to her, saying, "I don’t know that all of you are Latino. Some of you look a little more Asian to me."

Also, too, she made a campaign ad that was so beautifully, amateurishly awful that she decided it was too terrible to actually put on the air:

Hmm ... then again, maybe the fact that even Sharron Angle recognized this was too stupid to put on television suggests a sophistication we hadn't appreciated before. Or maybe God just told her it was a bad idea.

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