New Anti-Choking Device Could Save Your Families Life In An Emergency! The Idea Is Tabs, Fri., Oct. 1, 2021

New Anti-Choking Device Could Save Your Families Life In An Emergency! The Idea Is Tabs, Fri., Oct. 1, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

COVID is killing rural Americans at twice the rate of urban Americans. Hey, I am a rural American! SHY, BAR THE DOOR. ALSO, CONTINUE HOMESCHOOLING THE GIRLS, WE ARE NEVER LEAVING THIS HOUSE. (Kaiser Health News)

Special counsel John Durham issued more subpoenas, presumably because he won't have a job after his special counsel gig winds down. (CNN)

Why didn't broadcast news — or many newspapers — cover the Eastman Memo outlining for Mike Pence how he should steal the election? Margaret Sullivan at the Washington Post ponders.

I think this is the best thing Liz has ever written, on miscarriage and abortion. (I actually used to be pro-life, and yes there are liberals who are, until I switched like a light bulb when I realized how many pregnancies abort all by themselves.) Anyway, it's not funny, and it's true and good. (Flux)

Reps. Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, and Barbara Lee testified in the House about their abortions. — 19th News

The National School Boards Association would like people to stop threatening to murder its members? Please? A little help over here, Joe Biden? (NSBA)

Just a 96-year-old lady fugitive arrested for Nazi war crimes. — Irish Times

Former Vancouver mayor pledged to make the city the greenest in the world. He met six of 20 numeric targets, but emissions are a bitch. Bonus: Former Vancouver mayor a hot piece of ass. (Grist)

Historian Will Bagley, who chronicled the Mormon "Mountain Meadows massacre," has died.

In a 2011 "RadioWest" appearance, Bagley talked about the myth of the Three Nephites, ancient figures from the Latter-day Saints' signature scripture, the Book of Mormon, who reportedly would stop to help stranded travelers. Bagley said he had his own Three Nephites experience.

"I was driving on the back roads to Panguitch once, and my car broke down," Bagley said. "These three guys pull over in a pickup truck. They come over, open the hood, and close it, and the car's all fixed. Then they say to me, 'Where are you going?' I said, 'I'm going to Panguitch." They said, 'What you going to do?' I said, "I'm going there to tell them the truth about the Mountain Meadows Massacre.' And they beat the hell out of me."

Sounds to me like the man could tell a story. (Salt Lake Tribune)

White mobs killed what historians estimate to be hundreds of Black people in the Elaine, Arkansas, massacre, then arrested 67 Black people for inciting them, and sentenced 12 of the Black men to death. The NAACP got their death sentences overturned; unclear how long the men rotted in prison for inciting white men to murder Black people. (EJI)

Gavin Newsom signs some police reforms, they look like pretty good police reforms? (My favorite is taking away badges of bad officers so an officer who's fired for being an abusive racist can't just immediately get hired in Cleveland to shoot a little boy armed ferociously with a pop gun.) — CA Gov

In Loving Memory Of Tim Scott, Police Reformer. I learned some things. You will learn some things too. Like whoa, get this, you know where "defund the police" came from? It came from Tim Scott. — Michael Harriot at The Root

Sorry I bad-linked you yesterday on the top cities with underpriced mansions, it's not even that great of a tab. (But the Kansas City one still sure is pretty.) — Realtor

Now that's a mansion: Sudeley Castle. Exhibitions include these Barbies dressed up like Normans and Tudors and Elizabeth and such as, shut up I fucking love them. (Sudeley Castle)

This person doesn't have to shut up though because they were very drunk on Prosecco and had FEELINGS. (I THINK it's the same exhibit as the above, but I don't know where he found these pictures, I am dying, I need them so badly.)

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