we'll have none of this 'downtown julie brown' prostituteAccording to the textbook definition of "cultural hegemony," MTV Arabia launched this weekend in an attempt to show Middle Eastern youths what their American counterparts were watching in 1984. Hopefully the new channel will never syndicate The Hills, because watching Spencer Pratt is known to encourage suicide bombings and other forms of jihad.

MTV Arabia plans to play 40 percent Arabic music and 60 percent infidel music. And while American MTV consists of a bunch of 16-year-old boobs flopping around, its Middle Eastern counterpart has to obey that whole "Islam" thing they keep prattling on about:

"When we come to people's homes, we want to earn their respect," said Abdullatif al-Sayegh, chief executive of Arab Media Group, which along with Viacom Inc.'s MTV Networks International owns MTV Arabia. He explained that there will be "culturally sensitive editors going through content of the programming."

Indeed, if Ludacris fails to rap about eliminating the Zionist regime in his next video, they'll only play it after midnight.

MTV Looks to Conquer Middle East Market [ha! -Ed.] [AP]


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