New Dirt Field At Gitmo Is A Lil' Too Fancy For Fox News' Taste


Fox News is furious about the conditions at Guantanamo Bay, where hundreds of foreigns are held without charges in an extralegal offshore prison forever. Can you, the taxpayer, even believe how good they have it? It turns out that Uncle Sam is spending your hard-earned Ameros to build a "$750,000 soccer field" for these effete terrorists, right down there in their precious gilded fake Cuban palace-prison complex.

As this lovely TPM clip shows, the morning, daytime, and evening Fox News anchors and their glib dimbulb rent-an-analysts from the temp agency have never seen a "country club" with such extravagances as the current Guantanamo Bay.

The "soccer field" appears to be a disgusting dirt field surrounded by high walls and barbed wire, devoid of goals and grass and other such trappings of your typical soccer pitch. But let's not miss the point! The indefinitely detained, uncharged prisoners of America's offshore torture prison now have a shitty dirt field on which to stretch their legs every now and then.



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