New Hampshire 'Macho Man' Trumpist Casually Suggests Reporter Watch Out For Bombs

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New Hampshire 'Macho Man' Trumpist Casually Suggests Reporter Watch Out For Bombs

A news team from ABC7 Boston was accosted last night at a Trump rally in New Hampshire by a man who seemed to purposely attempt to confront them as "Macho Man" by the Village People was playing, in order to have the appropriate theme music for his rant.

He began by asking the reporters if they had heard about "what happened to Rand Paul" and if they would like it if that happened to them. Given that this terrible thing that happened to Rand Paul was that he walked to his hotel room, surrounded by police as protesters yelled at him a bunch, that would be at best a mild inconvenience for most people. If this guy really wants to see something, he should volunteer as a clinic escort at his local Planned Parenthood.

You guys know what happened to Rand Paul last night? How would you like that to happen to you? We're Americans, too. Our lives matter don't we? Even though we're white. Yeah, you can act like you've got someone to text but you're really just a pussy.

Good god, so much of this shit boils down to a fear of not being special. Like, yes, obviously this guy is racist and poorly informed, but just like so many of them, he plainly demonstrates that his big fear is not mattering himself. Not being "special." And truth be told, that's how Donald Trump reels these people in. By telling them they are special and loved and important.

The Macho Man then demanded to know how reporter Alex DiPrato slept at night after "lying to the people," and was ignored. He proceeded to get very upset about being ignored and demanded to know who the news team were talking to on their phones and if it was Joe Biden. Then he went away for a moment and came back talking about how "what goes around comes around," saying "Someone's going to bomb you. Maybe tonight."

This is a threat, obviously, and yet he had absolutely no problem saying it out loud to a news team that he was well aware was recording him. You can see him looking into the camera, making sure his face was right there for all to see. He wanted it known that he said this. He thought it was okay to say this and that it couldn't possibly ever lead to any kind of charges being filed against him. And maybe it won't. But that's what happens when you go around all your life thinking you are the only person in the world.

He thinks that people chanting at Rand Paul is the worst thing that could practically ever happen to a person, and a moment later he issues bomb threats. And sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's okay for him to threaten to bomb people, it is not okay for people he feels are beneath him to yell at Rand Paul. That's what America's hierarchy was supposed to be for. He's not scared for Rand Paul's safety, he's scared of living in a world where these are not the rules.


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