New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte Bravely Calls For Higher Taxes... On Poor Immigrants


Buenos dias, wonkeros and wonkiritas. Are you tired of reading/hearing/tweeting about #BRIDGEGHAZI yet? Isn’t there some other outrageous news from petulant rightwing asshats that we can carp about for a while? Well, glad you asked!

New Hampshire Senator and Tea Party favorite Kelly Ayotte has set her sights on screwing immigrants across the country. No, not in a ‘Kelly Does Manchester’ sort of way, but in the economic sucker-punch sort of way. Because that whole ‘the GOP needs to outreach to people who aren’t rich, old, and white’ thing is for suckers. To help offset the costs for extending unemployment benefits for 1.3 million people, Ayotte wants to RAISE TAXES! But not on everyone – just on immigrant families “that earn an average of $21,000 a year.”

Seriously, we really have no idea why Romney won only 27% of the Latino vote in 2012... 

According to ThinkProgress:

Ayotte proposed an amendment Tuesday to make low-income American citizen children of undocumented immigrants ineligible for the refundable Additional Child Tax Credit by requiring parents have a Social Security number to claim the credit.

This TAX HIKE (hear that, Grover Norquist?!?) would affect mixed-status families, where children are citizens and one or more parents might be undocumented. Of course, punishing a bunch of mooching, non-tax-paying illegals is just the thing to learn ‘em to self, deport, amirite? Except it appears that these are undocumented immigrants who are actually paying taxes. How’s that work, you ask? Well, Fernando Espuelas explains in The Hill:

Some years ago, Congress and the IRS set up a program called the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) that provided a legal mechanism for undocumented workers to pay taxes, even though they lacked a social security number. Millions of immigrants stepped forward and fulfilled their responsibility. Today the ITIN delivers a net multibillion-dollar gain for the federal, state and local treasuries, even when factoring in the Child Tax Credit. It is an important contributor to Social Security and Medicare as well.

Those crafty undocumented immigrants, contributing to Social Security and Medicare and reducing the deficit! The NERVE they have, to think that working and paying taxes is the right thing to do!! Thank god Ayotte is here to show them that we don’t appreciate that kind of stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility! Personal responsibility is ONLY relevant as it relates to regulating women’s ladyparts. And as punishment for paying taxes, we shall RAISE your taxes, because the GOP only cares about keeping taxes low for the rich, who need it to donate to honorable politicians like New Hampshire’s Senator Kelly Ayotte.

What kind of a TAX HIKE is this Republican talking about? According to Espuelas, it would RAISE TAXES by about $1,800 on families that we mentioned earlier earn about $21,000 per year.

We here at Wonket are glad to see that 2014 will be just like every other year in politics, where the GOP seeks to alienate the poor and oppressed in order to gin up support from xenophobic, homophobic, racist pieces of shit who will turn out at the polls to support whatever goddam tea party goober has an “R” next to their name. Happy New Year, and pass the vodka.

[The Hill / Pew Research / ThinkProgress]

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