New Jersey Molested By Terrible Mobs Of Political Flyers

  • Oh no. Oh no no no. What is this? What ... how? Democratic "gangbangers," gangbanging doors, with flyers? And a video -- a terrifying video! -- of an anonymous woman, who fears for her dear sweet life ... HELP! NEW JERSEY DEMOCRATIC FLYER-GANGBANGERS! [Hot Air]

  • Michelle Malkin double-doggy dares you to defend muslins and their so-called sharia law. [Michelle Malkin]

  • Vote Jonah Goldberg's brother for NYC City Council! And then read about Jonah Goldberg's kitten lightsaber fettish -- but only if you vote for his brother! [The Corner]

  • We now know for sure that waterboarding saved America from shoe bombers and global warming. Q. E. muther-fuckin' D. [Weekly Standard]

  • A very important Arizona Republican correctly points out that Democrats are entirely unfamiliar with the daily suffering of "those brown people." [Think Progress]


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