New Month, New GOP Sex Crime

And remember, he was tortured! - WonketteBlovember is gone and Cocktober is history, but American Family Values cannot be erased with a simple midterm election: Seattle GOP activist Larry Corrigan has been arrested and charged with trying to arrange sex with a 13-year-old girl.

The fetching child was, as usual, an undercover cop. After Corrigan arranged to "meet the minor at a Capitol Hill video store on Broadway for sex," the police took him away. Corrigan did fund-raising and campaign management for various Republicans, including Congressman Dave Reichert and King County DA Norm Malen. Which leads us to the Important Question: What will Wonkette call December? Leave your clever suggestions in the comments!

UPDATE: AND THE WINNER IS ... Prickmas. (Courtesy of Josh B. via e-mail.) Thanks for the many awesome, tasteless entries.

Well-known GOP activist held in sex-predator sting [Seattle Times]


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