New Pope Said A Swear!

Oh, man, guys, did you hearwhat New Pope said? He is gonna get a ruler to the knuckles for sure:

On Sunday, the pontiff accidentally said "fuck" during his weekly blessing from the Vatican.

To be fair, the prayer was in Italian, not Francis's native Spanish, and the Italian word for "Fuck" ("cazzo") is close to the Italian word "caso" ("example" or "case"), which is what the Pope was trying to say. He quickly corrected his mistake.

Technically, the article goes on to explain, "cazzo" more literally translates to "cock" or "dick," though Italians tend to use it where English-speakers would say "fuck." So there is room to disagree about the nature of Francis's accidental swear here.

Now, if he'd just do some real cussin' where it's needed -- "I have HAD it with these motherfucking rapey priests in my motherfucking Church!" or perhaps, "Fuck yeah, Third Vatican Conference or GTFO!" -- we'd all be a lot happier with that.

In any case, a lesson to you all: When in Italy, you want to avoid saying "Mi Cazzo es su Cazzo." Or maybe you don't.

In a completely unrelated development, Joe Biden said today that the pursuit of wealth for its own sake is a spiritually empty endeavor that leaves people cut off from their fellow humans and from the spirit of Christian charity. And then he sat really close to a nun and enthusiastically talked to her about socialism while grabbing her forearm.


Doktor Zoom

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