New Wingnut Movie Will Teach Children About National Debt With 3-D Computer-Animated Obama and Reagan


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Here is a cool new movie about Obama's socialist federal spending! One-third of the documentary is animated with claymation and computers to "make it entertaining for a younger audience," according to the filmmaker, Ray Griggs. But what will make it REALLY entertaining for children is that it features interviews with their friends Ken Blackwell and Newt Gingrich. Hooray!

I Want Your Money, which will land in theaters this October, aims to contrast the "two paths" the United States could take -- Obama's approach or Reagan's. The promotional site tells visitors that $182 million is spent during the span of one viewing of the 90-minute film.

That seems like a lot of money for a single person to spend! Except it's the world's most powerful government. So maybe it makes a BIT of sense.

But it definitely will be cool to see this different "path" that we could take in 2010. Today we would probably sext arms to the contras! And how would we reanimate Saddam Hussein's body so we could give him resources to wage chemical warfare? Probably with some Nancy Reagan black magic. We would also need to reestablish the Soviet Union so that we would have a supposedly evil but weak country to rail against. This "path" sounds like fun! [TPM]


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