New York Times: Media Stopped Covering Palin Because She's Washed Up


Hot new scientific data from NYT statistics wizard Nate Silver: "Sarah Palin’s potential candidacy, for instance, is only receiving about one-fifth as much attention as it did several months ago." And why's that? Because a cartoon millionaire who just flat out calls Barack Obama an African illegal immigrant is crushing Palin (and everyone else) in the Republican polls. This is why she's literally begging the "mainstream media" to cover her stream-of-idiocy personal appearances. But the mainstream media is all done with old Failin' Palin. Not that she ever had a chance in hell of coming close to the GOP nomination -- Republicans above the poverty line have always thought she's a moron -- but now there's no point in even covering her warmed-over clown offerings.

Nate Silver:

The decline in media coverage for Ms. Palin tracks with a decline in her polling numbers. Whereas she was pulling between 15 and 20 percent of the Republican primary vote in polls conducted several months ago, she’s down to about 10 percent in most surveys now.

[NYT 538 via chascates]


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