News Corporation Makes Very Necessary $1 Million Donation To Republicans

Corporations like to throw $5,000 or $10,000 here and there to various candidates and groups to try to curry favor and buy votes when they need them in the future. Modern Democracy: Suck On the Fun!™ But rarely is is that a corporation donates a cool MILLION DOLLARS to a political party. Wow, they must REALLY need a law passed by that party to ensure the continued existence of their corporation! Well, not exactly. It turns out Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation hasgiven this amount of money to the Republican Governors Association this summer.

Some progressives seized on News Corporation’s contribution as evidence of bias. Media Matters for America, the liberal media monitoring organization, claimed that “this large corporate donation to the G.O.P. underscores News Corp.’s role as an appendage of the Republican Party.”

Yes, Fox News and such promote the Republican Party. But wouldn't that make them less likely to give money to them? They don't need to curry favor with Republican politicians. Republican politicians love News Corp! Why would they ever pass a law against its interests? This just doesn't seem like a good investment for News Corp.

According to the Supreme Court, money is now speech, so it's obvious what News Corp is saying. But wasn't it obvious what they thought before, with actual speech speech? It's all confusing.

But maybe if News Corp donates enough money to Republicans, enough Republicans will get elected that enough conservatives get on the Supreme Court that eventually not only can money be converted into speech, but speech can also be converted into money. And then News Corp will be able to turn its praise of Republicans into COLD, HARD CASH.

But it already sort of does that, only in a slightly indirect way. So yes, the only explanation is that News Corp made an unwise business decision because its BFF needed a solid. You are actually right about this conspiracy, librul watch dogs. [NYT]


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