So here is your big serving of racial transcendence for today: Kevin Jackson, author of a book with the subtle title The BIG Black Lie: How I Learned The Truth About The Democrat Party, explaining to Newsmax's Ron Christie that he is just sick and tired of whiny American blacks and all their racism and race-baiting against white people, because on a per capita basis, African-Americans are the richest black people on the planet. Mr. Jackson has also announced a corresponding project to end poverty by have Bill Gates occasionally drop by homeless shelters, thus ensuring that everyone there has an average net worth in the millions.

Mr. Jackson expressed his outrage at the bad blacks for dragging down all the good blacks:

“When you look at the Trayvon Martins and these kids that just killed this Australian guy for no reason, these knockout gangs and people that have been raised to hate white people ... Essentially slapping other blacks in the face who have paved the way and have built a country that has created iconic black figures, people who are known worldwide."

“Go to anywhere in the world and say Muhammad Ali, say Tiger Woods, say Oprah Winfrey, say Michael Jordan,” he continued. “We have the most iconic blacks. We have the largest black middle class, the largest black number of black millionaires per capita, the largest number of black billionaires, the largest number of black firsts in the world!”

“And yet, you can’t get black people to shut up and just enjoy being a part of the greatest country that has allowed that to happen!”

Seriously! Just look at these two successful black men selling rightwing tropes about black people to a mostly white audience. If all blacks would just start doing that, they would be equally successful -- that is simply LOGIC. To deny this essential truth is to make a mockery of simple mathematical reality.

In addition, Christie noted that with the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, in which Martin Luther King said one line that conservatives like a lot, plus other stuff, blacks should stop being so aggrieved and should "take a victory lap" to celebrate the achievement of all the 1963 march's goals, such as the success of several prominent entertainers, athletes, and millionaires. Jackson agreed, and asserted that were it not for the burden of big government, which of course Martin Luther King also hated, blacks would all be prosperous today:

“Blacks should be taking a victory lap and shutting down the thuggery that goes on in the black community, and essentially changing the tide of that,” Jackson agreed. “Because had we been left to our own devices and not had the experimentation of the Raw Deal and the Ingrate Society thrust upon us, we would be, per capita, leading the number of CEOs that are in the Fortune 500.”

We would like to congratulate Mr. Jackson for discovering a reason that white racists can now celebrate the New Deal and Great Society, since they were apparently the only thing holding African-Americans back from total domination of the U.S. economy and culture.

[RawStory / Newsmax on YouTube]

Doktor Zoom

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