Newsmax Reporter: Petraeus Affair Endangered National Security, Per Egregious, Totally Fine FBI Leak

Newsmax Reporter: Petraeus Affair Endangered National Security, Per Egregious, Totally Fine FBI Leak

What have our rightwing torture chamber pals at Newsmax been up to lately? Well, according to "chief Washington correspondent" Ronald Kessler, they've just cold been gettingleaks from disgruntled Fibbies about retired spook-in-chief David Petraeus's office boffings since October. Ronald Kessler is very outraged about the national security implications of this! Oh wait, no. Ronald Kessler thinks it is fine that an unclearanced person such as himself is getting fed "sensitive" information (just the tip!) about national security from the FBI.

On Oct. 10, I was contacted by a longtime FBI source who told me that a bureau investigation had uncovered Petraeus’ affair with a journalist and that it could potentially jeopardize national security.

Hmmm, what else might jeopardize national security? Like, maybe leaking serious shit to people from Newsmax?

The veteran agent related to me that FBI agents assigned to the case were outraged by what were they were told by senior officials: The FBI was going to hold in limbo their findings until after the election.

Oh, right. That's what endangers national security.

Blah blah blah how dare the president claim not to know, etc., ad nauseam:

As FBI agents and CIA officers tell me, [delaying Petraeus's resignation] could have meant that foreign intelligence service officers or criminals who may have learned of the affair could have blackmailed Petraeus into giving up the country’s most sensitive secrets. Given his position, those secrets would have included penetrations of Russian communications, bugging of foreign embassies, identities of assets risking their lives to give the U.S. valuable information on terrorists, and identities of terrorists who are about to be killed by drones.

Yes, much better to protect classified information by getting it into the hands of courageous journalistic outlets like Newsmax, where at least nobody would ever see it.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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