Newt Gingrich, Hobo Republican Congressmen Relive Glory Days In Empty Congress


[youtube expand=1]

The loser Republicans who refuse to take their vacation and are holding a Cuddle Party about energy on the House floor instead have employed, who else, Newt Gingrich, to get their message out! Gingrich heads a 527 called American Solutions for Winning the Future, or ASWF. The acronym is pronounced "Ass Whoof," like a fart, which it is.

Oh, how pathetic is this? Don't they remember that Gingrich lost everything? Or that drilling oil here doesn't cut imports at all, which is the point, because we want more of this oil in toto for lower prices, which is bullshit anyway? Now we're just going to be EXPORTING to the CHINESE or WHOEVER PAYS THE MOST? Oh criminy, why even bother.

[Think Progress]


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