Newt Gingrich Pretty Sure Terry McAuliffe Stole VA Election, Unless Republican Youngkin Wins It

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Newt Gingrich last night on the Hannity show, with the analysis we've all come to crave:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Does [Glenn] Youngkin need to win for this to have the maximum impact? What if it's really tight?

NEWT GINGRICH (GUEST): No, look. First of all if it's really tight they'll steal it, so you can't afford to have a really tight election. You have to win by a big enough margin that they can't steal it.

This is what all our elections will be like now. If there's any hint of them being close — or, as with the 2020 presidential election, even if it's a fucking landslide and their sad gross disgusting loser Donald Trump loses by one gabillion votes — they'll just claim all the ones they ever lose are stolen.

If you're thinking about finding an island to escape to in a country far, far away, we wouldn't blame you.

As for the official closing of the campaigns last night, Politico Playbook is VERY MAD that Terry McAuliffe said "a lie" and claimed Glenn Youngkin was campaigning with Donald Trump, when nothing of the sort was happening. (Playbook has a weird definition of nothing of the sort, since Trump was actually doing a "tele-rally" for Youngkin, which we guess DOESN'T COUNT.) But Playbook was sure to emphasize that Youngkin's crowd sizes are bigger, we guess because that's the kind of thing that excites Playbook.

If you need to read more sage analysis like that, read more Playbook. They use the word "Youngkin-mentum."

And as for what's really going to happen tonight? We dunno. We are disturbed that the Virginia gubernatorial race is as close as it is, if it is indeed as close as the polls say it is. But if Terry McAuliffe wins tonight, you know what happened? What happened is that Virginia is a damn blue state and that's just what happens in blue states.

We said it yesterday and we'll say it again today. Virginia, for the love of God, get out and vote.

[Media Matters]

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