Newt Gingrich Wipes Off Glitter, Says Very Dumb Thing

Newt Gingrich Wipes Off Glitter, Says Very Dumb Thing

Wow, that Newt Gingrich sure is good at getting media coverage! He didn't even have to take a bath of party favors this time."Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood." HE IS "ON THE RECORD": You cannot quote things he has said for which he has guiltily apologized, because Newt Gingrich will disavow them as "unfortunate" before you can cut the ad, which gives him SUPER TRIPLE FROZEN IMMUNITY and now you're the ones walking on lava and look, Democrats, you're dead, from burning, because the floor is made of lava. (Why in the world would Democrats bother to cut an attack ad against this man? He'd be a terrific foe, even if he makes a play at distracting the sober, responsible electorate with his shiny jewels.)

What's that in the background? A hotel room? Get out of hotels, Newt! They have been the site of the last three funny Newt incidents. They are RUINING you, Newt, unless you're filming a sequel to Lost in Translation, in which case, this looks like it's going to be really good. [Salon]


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