Newt Gingrich's Third Wife Might Make A Great Ambassador To The Vatican! Your Open Thread!

Callista Gingrich and His Holiness Pope Babar IV

In keeping with his amazing talent for finding the best people for the job, Donald Trump is apparently considering Callista Gingrich for the post of Ambassador to the Vatican, because after all, she's Catholic, isn't she? Honestly, Pope Frank would probably be OK with it, seeing as how he's a pretty live-and-let-live guy, though he might gently remind Ms. Gingrich that there are more important things than shopping for diamonds.

So why Callista Gingrich? Why not Callista Gingrich? As we say, she's Catholic. Plus, she's got a welded-on hairdo, which can't help but remind the Pontiff of the president of the USA. Is this really going to happen?

Mr. Gingrich, reached by telephone, said that he was aware that his wife had been on a list for the job, but declined to say where things stood. [...]

Mr. Trump has known the Gingriches socially for years. They’re members of his golf club in Virginia, and have been at his club, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Fla. Mr. Gingrich was one of the people whom Mr. Trump consulted in 2015 when he had already determined he would run for president.

She's Newt Gingrich's third wife, and Donald Trump is on wife number three, as well, so that nod to the Trinity may get the Trump administration in good with the Holy See, too. Does Donald Trump know the Vatican is not all that hot on divorce? Even with Francis's apparently evolving thoughts on whether divorced-and-remarried Catholics should receive the sacraments, we're not sure the diplomatic corps at the Vatican would be entirely down with the whole open marriage thing Newt reportedly proposed to his second wife when he was already schtupping Callista. Again, Francis would probably shrug and say, "you be you, just don't despoil the planet," because he's cool like that. But the optics could be a little awkward.

Or maybe sending Callista to the Vatican would just be revenge for Francis badmouthing President Strangehair during the campaign. On the upside, assuming Newt Gingrich would accompany her to Rome, we might see him a little less often on cable TV, and that's a good thing all on its own, as well as marking your OPEN THREAD.


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