...Next Stupid Question?

lettermanshow.JPGAn enquiring mind wants to know: "Why no coverage of O'Reilly destroying Letterman?"

That the televised tete-a-tete between Bill O'Reilly and David Letterman successfully captured the pinhead imaginings of the political blogosphere did not escape our attention. "O'Reilly 1 Letterman 0!" trumpets The Political Teen. "Letterman 1 O'Reilly 0!" cheers One Good Move. Whoop-de-freaking-doo.

If we had to comment every single time a pair of pretty-boy millionaire entertainers got into a catfight while plastered with pancake makeup, we'd never get to sleep. But if these two start fighting over the tanned ass of a Greek shipping heir, by all means, get back to us.


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