Ney Gets 2 Years and Change, Nation Struggles to Remember Which One He Was

Bob Ney was the Congressman from Ohio known as "Congressman A" in Jack Abramoff's playfully Washingtonienne-esque plea agreement. Ney took a bunch of favors from Jack in exchange for supporting Jack's clients, a process known as "democracy." When he was ratted on, Ney blamed the whole thing on booze. Once, when we called him out on drunkenly texting journalists, his office insisted to us that Ney had merely been angry and is a bad speller. That was a lie, he was totally wasted in the middle of the day.

He's just been sentenced to 30 months in the pokey, sixth months more than the prosecutors recommended. Ney's judge is our new favorite, and we hope she gets a chance to try everyone else in congress too.

Former Rep. Ney Sentenced to 30 Months [CQPolitics]


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