We continue to celebrate our last day by presenting scenes from yet another party that we neglected to attend. This one was the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts' Eleventh Annual Noche de Gala Dinner, held last week at the Mayflower's Grand Ballroom. Honored guests included, Jimmy Smits, Kenny Ortega, Ed Markey, and FCC commisioner Robert McDowell. And our own Liz Glover and Liz Gorman, who documented the whole affair for your enjoyment. Gorman's gallery may be found here! And some of Glover's reflections are after the jump.

Noche de Gala Gallery

It was a nice event. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts was created by Jimmy Smits and others to advance Latinos in media and entertainment. It provides scholarships to up and coming Latino artists. Sonia Braga (Maria from Sex and the City), Jimmy Smits (NYPD Blue) and some soap stars, people who are in the TV show "Cain" were there. Very festive. They even let me stay for dinner!

We were hoping Benicio Del Torres would drop in unannounced but no such luck.

and Oh yeah Kenny Ortega was honored - he won the Raul Julia Award for Excellence. He choreographed High School Musical, Dirty Dancing, and stuff.

October is Hispanic Heritage Month.

Also attached Polaroids of Jimmy Smits and Kenny Ortega and me.




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