Nice Christian Lady Concerned Again About 'Satanic Feminism,' Which We All Now Practice

Nice Christian Lady Concerned Again About 'Satanic Feminism,' Which We All Now Practice

With all this talk lately about how we are brutally murdering all of the masculinity and not letting men be manly anymore — a thing they apparently need our permission for — it seems like an opportune time to check in on our old friend Lori Alexander, the Transformed Wife. For the unhip, Lori Alexander is a Christian Tradwife blogger who is a very big fan of submitting to one's husband, beating one's children, and marital rape and not a very big fan of women voting (other than herself).

When last we checked in on Lori, she was railing against the horrors of Satanic feminism. What is she doing now? Also railing against the horrors of Satanic feminism. This is apparently a very big issue for her at the moment.

While you might assume that Satanic feminism at least involves some cool outfits, maybe some heavy metal, some nice-smelling candles at the very least, or that it might even involve some actual feminism, Satanic feminism is, according to Lori, being a regular human woman who doesn't subscribe to her very stringent ideas of what a woman is supposed to be.

Well, technically, it is according to some anti-feminist pastor named Anthony Wood, whom she quotes as saying, "Satanic feminism inverts the order. Fallen women crave power. Fallen women lead the charge. Fallen women flaunt their beauty. Fallen women dominate the men."

Doesn't Satanic feminism sound exquisite?

Lori writes:

Godly women don't crave power. They don't want to rule their husbands. They don't want to be CEOs, political leaders, or even the president. They know that God's created order was for men to be the ones in leadership. They don't want to be Pastors nor Elders in the churches. They don't need to get their own way. They don't need attention. They know who they are in Christ. They know His ways are perfect. They love His ways. They want to obey Him in everything, since He alone is the one with absolute power.

Strange how someone who doesn't crave power would write a whole ass blog telling other women what to do and what they're allowed to want and how they're allowed to feel. Especially one who doesn't need attention or to get their own way.

Godly women don't lead the charge. They don't want to be in charge of their marriage. They don't want to be in charge of anyone else except for the children the Lord blesses with and their homes. They understand that this is the role the Lord has given to them, and they are thankful. They love being keepers at home, and they work hard in their homes. They understand that the work they do in being help meets to their husbands, mothers to their children, and keepers at home are all storing beautiful treasures in heaven. They live with the end in mind. Eternity is always in their vision. They want Christ to be in charge of their lives and allow their husbands to lead the charge as commanded by God.

Well, I don't get a lot of religious stuff, but it seems weird that God would bother with giving women free will if there was only supposed to be one type of woman — the Lori Alexander type — and that woman was supposed to do literally nothing but serve her husband. Like, why not just give men free will and then create an army of Lori Alexander Stepford Wives to serve their every whim? Seems like it would save a lot of time and effort.

Godly women don't flaunt their beauty. They pursue meek and quiet spirits instead. They dress and act modestly. They know that true adorning and beauty comes from the inside, so they work more on this rather than on their outward beauty. They want to be known for their kindness, gentleness, and goodness instead of on how they look. The want to dress and act in a way that pleases their Savior.

This is the same woman, by the way, who has written several blogs about how it is her godly duty to insult people for being overweight. Or is she just mad at fashion? Like, "insulting people for being fat is fine, but earrings are not allowed!"

Godly women don't dominate men. They don't want to dominate their husbands nor any other men in their lives. They won't use manipulation nor emotional outbursts in order to get their way. They live in submission to their husbands. They also live in submission to the elders in their churches. They respect the contribution that men have made in their lives. They appreciate them. They don't give into the feminist agenda of fighting for "equality" which actually means women want to be superior. They know this isn't God's will for women, since women are the weaker vessel and more easily deceived. They accept God's perfect will for them instead.

If "equality" really means "superior," why are they separate words that mean different things? Lori is just full of puzzles, and it's best not to hurt yourself trying to suss it out. And just putting this out there — if women "are more easily deceived," how does Lori Alexander know that she's not being deceived herself? Maybe it's actually Satan who wants women to live in submission to everyone? Or maybe it is Lori Alexander. Maybe Lori Alexander is just a super religious person with a kink she wants to believe is simply "God's will" for not just her, but every other woman on earth.

Just some things to think about!

[The Transformed Wife]

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