Nice College Students Defend Sanctity Of Giraffe-Tiger Marriage

Nice College Students Defend Sanctity Of Giraffe-Tiger Marriage

Hey, don't forget: we're not just electing a president today! We're also electing a bunch of senators, many of whom have strong opinions about ladies who get raped, and some losers in the House too, ugh, who has time for those people, and, if we're in Maryland, Maine, Washington State, or Minnesota, we also get to vote on gay marriage! Your Comics Curmudgeon was super psyched to yes on Maryland Question 6 today, if by "super psyched" you mean "pissed that the civil rights of his friends and neighbors are up for a vote but cautiously optimistic that it will pass." ANYHOO the campaign here has been heavy on the "death to gays and those who love them" business. Maybe the antis should learn a little "Minnesota nice" from these furries!

These nice young men are on the Minnesota for Marriage Facebook page, identified as being at an "MFM Northwestern College Event," Northwestern College being a Christian college in the Twin Cities area. We have no idea what the hell is going on here. We mean, we do know -- these two hot furries are going to have giraffe-on-tiger sex, in a yiffpile, and then not get married, because that would be a sin -- but we choose not to pursue the backstory. [MFM Facebook page]


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