Nice Spaceman Running For Senate From Washington State; Will End Minimum Wage & Colonize Space


You know things are horrible in American Politics when a guy campaigning for U.S. Senate on a platform of free trade/space colonization and ending the minimum age so bums can work as low-paid "government helpers" sounds more reasonable than actual senators currently in positions of great power.

Courtesy of Wonkette commenter/operative AnnieGetYerFun, here's some of the Idealz that drive Seattle economist/amateur astronomer Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson:

  • With help from NASA, let’s start the seeds of several small and growing orbital space colonies in orbit around Earth, around the Moon, and around Mars. With all the money we have already spent on our space programs, we should already have these growing, orbital space colonies.
  • Let’s use our unemployed people! Unemployment is a huge waste! Our government should back its minimum wage by employing those who apply (including people with problems). Because some workers want more leisure, government should lead by creating many flexible employment programs, such as the three day and four day work week options.
  • Our economy is like a truck. Economics tells us how to operate and unsabotage our economic truck. Elect small-spending candidates who understand economics. Identify and vote against big spenders.
  • Let’s establish a head tax to slow the population explosion (the cause of many problems) on our Spaceship Earth. A head tax would be more pleasant than the old, cruel methods of population control, such as starvation, disease, and war.
  • Because Maryland donated the land that became Washington D. C., I want the people of Washington D. C. to be allowed to vote in federal elections through the state of Maryland. I, Goodspaceguy, want beautiful Puerto Rico to become our 51st state.
  • [Our Spaceship Earth]


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