Nice Time

Democrat Carol Glanville Defeats Gross Nazi Rape Comic In Michigan State House Race!

Around these parts, we call that a Nice Time!

Here’s some good news during an awful week: Democrat Carol Glanville won the 74th Michigan House District special election. Her victory’s considered quite the upset because well, she’s a Democrat in 2022 but more specifically, her district is hardcore Republican. In 2020, Donald Trump carried the area by 16 percentage points, and state Rep. Mark Huizenga won the seat by more than 26. The GOP likely considered the 74th a safe hold when Huizenga moved on up to the 28th state Senate seat.

Glanville tweeted Tuesday night:

West Michigan values of integrity, decency, and care for the common good won tonight. The people of the 74th District have spoken, and I hear you. We are united in fundamental ways, and I will take our values and concerns to the Capitol to affect (sic) positive change. Thank you!

Wow, the font in that tweet is delivering some serious MySpace flashbacks.

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LIVE: Something Nice! Biden And Team USA Olympians At The White House!

Live on WonkTV!

We could use something nice.

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Where You Should Donate Your Ameros To Protect Abortion

Help your local abortion fund.

Now that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's abortion decision draft has leaked, there's little question: Whatever revisions there might be, it's clear that the Supreme Court will overturn the legal right to an abortion in June. Roughly half the states will immediately outlaw most abortions, with more to follow in the coming months, while Republicans scheme to retake the federal government and ban abortion nationally. That latter threat is a while off — 2025 at the earliest! — so while we do everything possible to keep a wholesale rollback of democracy, we also need to do all we can to help people get abortions even after Roe is gone. In a lot of places, that's going to mean helping them travel to states where it's still available, as well as to pay for the procedure.

Some ugly realities, from New York magazine:

If Roe is overturned, the Guttmacher Institute predicts that abortion would be explicitly or effectively outlawed in at least 26 states. According to one estimate, 41 percent of women of childbearing age, mostly across the South and Midwest, would lose access to their nearest clinic, potentially increasing their average travel time by hundreds of miles. And Republicans have already been chipping away at access in these states for years, making abortion virtually inaccessible even if technically legal.

If you’re feeling terrified and want to take action, the best thing you can do is donate to an abortion fund: an on-the-ground organization that helps arrange and pay for abortion care for patients who need it. In states where access has been whittled away almost entirely, these funds also help pay for transportation and lodging for patients who have to travel hours, sometimes crossing state lines, just to access health care.

Nationally, there's likely to be a lot of money going to Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro Choice. They're really worthy organizations that are fighting at the national level. They'll also be getting lots of donations in the coming weeks, so we're suggesting that if you're only able to help out with a small donation, get your money to an abortion fund instead, to a local abortion nonprofit, or to the Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP), which helps fund abortions directly for those who need help paying for an abortion. (If you can afford to help an abortion fund and one of the big national groups, great, do both!)

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Nice Time

New Mexico Gonna Do Free Child Care, Just Like A Civilized Place!

But it's only for a year — to start.

If you want a vision of a possible future, maybe stop imagining George Orwell's "boot stamping on a human face, forever," and instead imagine a preschool class full of squirmy youngsters, learning and playing and generally being wonderful and sometimes a pain in the ass, as small children can also be.

What can I say? I love the pessimistic old English socialist who rightly feared the totalitarian impulse, but sometimes I end up feeling far more hopeful, like when I read about New Mexico's new initiative to completely cover childcare costs for most residents of the state for a year (free link to Washington Post). I can be a sap that way. I'm also the guy who tears up when Tom Joad tells his mother he'll be there in the way kids laugh when they're hungry an' they know supper's ready.

Starting May 1 and running through June 2023, the state will cover child care for families earning up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level, which ought to cover most New Mexico families. It's easily the broadest state child care benefit in the USA, and the first state benefit to cover such a wide range of incomes. It'll be available to a family of four making up to $110,000 annually, as the Washington Post 'splains:

The state recently expanded a federal child-care subsidy to middle-class families. On Thursday, Lujan Grisham said it would eliminate co-pays for them, too. Officials estimate both changes will make child care free for a total of 30,000 families.

This is pretty freaking wonderful; Lujan Grisham announced the expanded benefit yesterday on her website and at a child care center in Albuquerque, and the video is worth skimming through, if only for the occasional shots of a tiny little girl doing her level best to show interest in all these grownups talking about policy.

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