Hi sexy! - WonketteNew French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in New Hampshire this week, for mysterious reasons that can only lead to his nomination as the Republican candidate for U.S. president. And tomorrow, Sarkozy will meet with George W. Bush (and, probably, Bush's sad old dad) at the Bush Regime Compound in Kennebunkport , Maine.

Sarkozy is a "conservative," although conservative American voters may be shocked to learn just what that means in France, where "the right" supports weeks of state-sanctioned vacation, a national health-care system, free university for anybody smart enough to pass the entrance exams, and taxpayer-supported "museums" filled with deviant homosexual/socialist "art."

The most shocking revelation about Sarkozy, however, may be his nationality -- our new Republican president is French.

For Sarkozy: Duty, Bush, Jet Lag [NYT]


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