Nicolas Sarkozy: Awesome French President, Or AWESOMEST French President?

Actual Fox News screenshot ... stay classy, guys!

Can you imagine a scenario where some reporters were taking unwanted pictures of the President of the United States while he was on vacation in a foreign country? Of course not, because they'd immediately be stuffed into burlap sacks by a team of NSA black ops commandos and taken to a secret prison in Uzbekistan where they'd be tortured to death. But not every world leader hides behind his security services like a little girl.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is vacationing this week on Golden Pond Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. While enjoying some boat time with some "companions" (which term surely refers to his six nineteen-year-old mistresses if this is any indication), Sarko saw some photogs snapping pics and threw a little Gallic hissy fit, navigating his little boat over to theirs, leaping on board, and screaming at them in French. Despite the fact that the French president is only five feet tall, all the monolingual paparazzi could do was weakly request to be berated in English instead.

We offer the picture above for everyone who likes a little Frenchie beefcake. None of the usual arguments for leaving the country have ever really resonated with us, but the fact that our president never gets into half-naked shouting matches with the press has to be pretty high up on signs that America has lost its global edge.



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