Nicolle Wallace Will Not Be Thrown Under The Bus

The Republican equivalent of being sent to the gulag is babysitting Sarah Palin, and this thankless task has fallen to former Bush staffer and current McCain employee Nicolle Wallace. What unspeakable sin did Wallace commit in order to be saddled with this terrible burden?Only History will tell. But for now she insists it is awesome to hang out with Sarah Palin all the time, and also she did not buy her all those clothes like Fred Barnes said she did.

Everybody knows already that Jeff Larson is the human responsible for decorating Sarah Palin with a mountain of expensive European finery when all she wanted was to shuffle around in humble peasant garb forever. But for some reason -- sexism perhaps HMMM? -- Fred Barnes said on FOX News that Nicolle Wallace bought Sarah Palin all her clothes, which made her, Ms. Wallace, a "coward."

So then Wallace told Wonkette editor emerita Ana Marie Cox that Fred Barnes could eat a dick, the end. And also this:

Look, in Sarah Palin’s case, first [the media complained] she didn’t give interviews and then the interviews she did were all wrong. There’s a standard applied to her that I don’t see applied to Joe Biden.

Which is totally true, by the way! Here is the "double standard": Joe Biden has to give press conferences every day, and Sarah Palin does not.

Anyway, Fred Barnes apologized yesterday, so Nicolle does not have to go under the bus yet.

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